Much like Starbucks is a system for delivering food items to the public

Clothes2U is a highly developed system for distributing necessities of life to those in need.

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Clothes2U is a registered and environmentally friendly non profit society that helps people in need of all ages, from baby to senior, male and female, with FREE clothes, diapers, toys, linens, books, footwear, and assorted personal and household items.

Acceptable Donations

Clothes2U accepts donations of the following: Clothes for Boys, Girls, Infants, Men, Teens, Toddlers and Women. Diapers, Strollers & Accessories, Household Items, Books, Footwear, Toiletries, Toys, Adult Diapers and related items.

Contact Us

To volunteer, suggest a venue, or to arrange pickup of donations, call or email us. E-mail: Tel. 604-857-4617

Mission Statement

Clothes2U is dedicated to helping those facing financial challenges obtain some basic necessities of life. Necessities of life are defined, in this case, as clothing (for the entire family), toys, diapers, linens, books, footwear, and assorted household and personal items.